The news is about work-related accidents on fire and explosion at shipbuilding companies resulting many casualties and injured workers. The company was brought to courts and later fined with $200K and $150K respectively. Individual personnel were also charged with courts’ orders and fined. Project Manager ($70K), Ship Repair Manager ($15K) and Supervisor ($50K).

So… it goes without saying that … SAFETY is not ONLY everyone responsibility…

but also… SAFETY is everyone gotta PAY !!

Next, if we read on the news, many wonders came to our thoughts. Why the safety lapses could happen?

As quoted, some lessons learnt are as following:

  • Failure to check and ensure proper equipment was used in operations.
  • Breeching of Safety procedure.
  • Unsafe working environment.
  • Failure to provide proper and sufficient PPE.

The company recognises the important of EHS compliance within its operations and encourages the staffs to feedback and prevent any unsafe acts /practices.